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Stage | Screen | Voiceover

Our collective of actors, teachers & mentors are experienced, celebrated professionals, on Broadway, network TV, voice media, and in universities across the country.

We believe 1:1 coaching, over Zoom or in-person, gives each artist the quickest path to stronger craft, better auditions and a more sustainable career ... Let's get to work!

acting actually stage chair

Plays & Musicals

Monologues, Scenes & Songs

BFA & MFA Auditions

Broadway & Stage Auditions

Shakespeare & Classical

Contemporary & New Works

Television, Film & Acting on Camera

Self Tapes & Audition Coaching

Network TV - Drama & Procedurals

Network TV - Sitcom & Single-Cam

Film Acting - Indie to Big Budget

Commercial TV - On-Cam & Improv

Acting On Camera

Voiceover - Commercial, Animation, Audiobooks & More

Microphone Studio

Home Recording & In-Studio

Commercials & Promo Reads

Narrative, Industrial & Political

Animation, Video Games & Mo-Cap

Podcasts, Radio, Looping & ADR

Audiobooks: Genres, Breaking In

Stacey Yen
Pun Bandhu

work 1:1

with brilliant, trained,
successful actors. 

work your craft,

build your career ...

book the gig . . . 

succeed on the job.

change your life.

we are living proof.

Ronald Emile
Lindsay Chambers
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